What Is Out There?

The boundless digital space we know as the internet can be difficult to sift through. An amateur researcher may fall down a rabbit hole during what was intended to be a simple Google search. Nevertheless, our team of licensed researchers know how to finetune internet and social media searches with the help of our restricted […]

What Would You Like To Know?

Whether you’re looking to see if your potential business partner is legitimate, or if the charming person you want to lend money to is financially sound, we’ve got your back! You’ve probably Googled them, or maybe even run an online basic report. While valuable information can be found by scouring public records, our reports are […]

Unique Research Tools

Did You Know? We Also Offer the Following Research Tools for Your Case MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) Report: Do you suspect that a claimant has a history of motor vehicle accidents with alleged injuries? We can run a 7-year motor vehicle record report to see what other accidents the subject has been in. Vehicle Sightings […]

On the Campaign Trail, You Run, We Research!

The time is almost here again – we are approaching a crucial election season. In today’s world, a lot of misinformation and hearsay is spread online and in advertisements, and it can be difficult separating fact from fiction. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn to a team of professional researchers for objective, yet useful information […]

You’re Out of Luck if You Fall For One of These Scams

During these uncertain times, in which virtual meetings and interactions are becoming more commonplace, the current climate is ripe for fraud. Scammers are emboldened by the lack of in-person interaction and easy monetary exchanges in today’s world. Some scams we at Crossroads Investigations been hearing about in recent months include: Bitcoin and other crypto-currency-related scams. […]

Global Watch List Searches

A Global Watch List Search is an important part of many investigations.  We have clients who request this service for various reasons: -to vet a potential overseas business partner or investor  -to be able to show the government that they conducted due diligence, should a problem arise later -for immigration purposes It’s important to understand […]

Political Opposition Research

It’s political campaign season!  With that comes the need for political opposition research – that is, the close examination of one’s political rivals, and even one’s self! You cannot run for office without knowing as much as possible about your opponent, especially information they want to keep hidden.   There are many different options available […]

Co-Parenting Social Distancing Investigations

Parenting is hard, co-parenting is even harder! Parents are responsible not just for keeping themselves safe but keeping their kids safe as well, especially in the age of COVID-19: no more play dates, no parks, no unnecessary human interaction at all. So, what does this mean when divorced parents have co-sharing obligations? What happens if […]

COVID-19 Contact Tracing

One of the critical tools state, county and city governments will be using to fight COVID-19 is Contact Tracing – the method of tracing and monitoring the contacts of infected people.  Private Investigators are well-suited for this type of work because it involves two methods well-practiced in our industry: 1. Skip Tracing – This term […]

Social Media Investigation

Social Media Investigation by Marc Hurwitz I am excited to announce a brand-new capability – the Crossroads Social Media Search. The Crossroads analytical team has long searched social media sites as part of our deep investigation projects, but now we have acquired a method to systematically check almost 150 sites instantaneously. Perhaps you’d like for us […]

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