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Bank Account & Financial Asset Searches: Florida, Nationwide & International

Whether you need to find financial assets in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, nation-wide, or internationally, Crossroads Investigations can legally locate bank accounts, brokerage accounts, property, wealth and belongings through a Financial Asset Search.

It’s true – people are always hiding things, especially if they don’t want to share them. If you or a client is owed money or compensation, finding this hidden wealth is key. We will help you locate assets, such as land, second homes, aircraft, boats, bank accounts, or businesses.

At Crossroads Investigations, we conduct Financial Asset Searches for:

While there are many individuals and businesses that use our services, the people who benefit most from our asset locator searches are usually attorneys whose clients are seeking a judgment or monetary compensation from someone or some entity. Other clients are asset recovery agencies that assist their clients in locating funds owed to them.

Hire us to conduct a bank account locater search before a lawsuit to make sure there are assets to collect. A financial asset search will avoid wasting your time and money in court for a judgment you may never be able to collect on.

Let Crossroads Investigations do the legwork to find assets to provide you with solid proof and peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A person’s bank account information is obtained using a variety of techniques, all of which are legal under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act and does not involve any pretext to the financial institution or the customer. A typical search usually involves combining several of these methods. These may include researching for payment methods in public records such as UCC filings, real estate records, vehicle ownership, boat ownership, land-lord records, sales tax permits, court records including divorce records, bankruptcy records, payments made to public entities such as county tax collectors or company filings, payments made to creditors such as utility companies or loan companies and information provided by clients.

Our agents works closely with the collection centers and payment processors of numerous companies to share data and payment methods of individuals. This helps us locate banking institutions of the subjects and helps the collection centers with possible upcoming issues with the subject. These methods will normally uncover bank accounts used by the subject to make payments and are all legal methods in obtaining copies of checks or banking information.

Our agents uses proprietary software with algorithms that use data from third party providers of electronic transactions to locate the originating transfer bank and funds available. These providers use key data in the transactions to track and verify funds availability. Account numbers are not used, just a key number for that transaction, however that key number describes the originating bank, account holder and the receiving bank and account holder. Additional details may be obtained from the financial institution if the case meets the standards under the GLB act section 6802 (e)(3)(D) (persons holding a legal interest relating to the consumer).

Asset searches cannot be used for FCRA-regulated purposes to determine the eligibility for credit, insurance, employment or any other purpose regulated under the FCRA. Asset information can only be used by persons holding a legal or beneficial interest relating to the consumer, or to protect against or prevent actual fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims, or other liability.

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