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Our surveillance team is comprised of former FBI and Law Enforcement Officers. We will photograph and video the subjects as needed.

What sets us apart?

Do you have an employee you suspect of insurance fraud or lying to you? Is your spouse cheating on you? Is a debtor refusing to pay up and now in hiding? We can find the answer to these questions and locate that missing someone through surveillance. Crossroads Investigations offers surveillance to clients seeking to find the truth about something or from someone who might be hiding a secret. Besides CIA government training, our team uses tactics and surveillance techniques used by the police. In fact, the department is led by a former police officer, with nearly a decade of surveillance operation experience. Surveillance is important in many situations, including:
  • False Insurance Claims/Insurance Defense Surveillance
  • Disability Claims
  • Divorce Cases/Infidelity Surveillance/Cheating Spouse Surveillance
  • Compensation in a Judgment
  • Debt Collection
  • Unemployment
  • Financial Supportive Relationship
At Crossroads Investigations, we are experts at watching people without detection, while keeping our client’s needs and budget in mind. Our surveillance techniques include both fixed surveillance, such as the stakeout of a construction company for theft, or mobile surveillance, such as tailing or following a defendant who hasn’t paid up in a case. We have also located missing family members and loved ones. Surveillance can be the key to solving a suspicion or getting paid by someone who refuses to compensate you for money due. Rest assured, we will work with you towards a goal, and help solve the mystery to your questions and put an end to doubt. Consider Crossroads Investigations when you need someone followed in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or anywhere in South Florida.

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About Us

Crossroads Investigations is a private detective agency operated by a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer, and is a leading firm in South Florida offering specialized investigative services, to include asset searches, background checks and surveillance.

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Mailing Address (not a branch address): 1835 NE 185 St., Ste 547, Miami, FL 33179

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