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How Landlords Can Keep Compliant with the New Miya’s Law

Miya Marcano was a 19-year-old student living in the Orlando area with a bright future ahead of her. Sadly, a maintenance worker at her apartment complex entered her apartment one afternoon and committed the unthinkable. Her body was recovered near another apartment complex where the maintenance worker resided. A law honoring Miya, called Miya’s Law …

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Out In The Field: Services Beyond Surveillance

We don’t just hide out in our cars and watch people! One common assumption about field investigators is that they mainly observe and follow the subjects of their insurance defense or infidelity investigations. However, we have successfully handled other field assignments, including photographing the scene of an accident or knocking on doors to confirm an …

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Are They Really *THAT* Injured?

It’s midyear, and everyone wants to be out and about, living their best lives. The transition from spring to summer presents the best opportunity for surveillance to capture plaintiffs, claimants, and other individuals doing what they allege they cannot do. The Crossroads team is well-versed in surveillance for insurance defense purposes, and our past efforts …

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On the Campaign Trail, You Run, We Research!

The time is almost here again – we are approaching a crucial election season. In today’s world, a lot of misinformation and hearsay is spread online and in advertisements, and it can be difficult separating fact from fiction. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn to a team of professional researchers for objective, yet useful information …

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Do Your Homework Before Handing Over Those Keys!

One was a serial squatter. Another was an obsessive man with the capacity to commit murder. While these stories of terrible tenants are the kind that would be aired on a Netflix docuseries such as “Worst Roommate Ever,” it is still important for everyday landlords and property managers to screen potential tenants. An FCRA-compliant background …

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Savvy Social Media Sleuthing

It’s slightly unusual for someone to lack some sort of online presence, whether it’s a Facebook or LinkedIn profile. In our industry, the more present a subject is on social media, the better! We’ve been fortunate to be able to glean intel from social media to assist in our investigations. Some of the unique ways …

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