Deep Background Reports

Background Checks & Reporting

Our background reports are extremely comprehensive and can be returned within 24 hours. They include: criminal history, address history, properties (including mortgage information), vehicles (including title/lien information), bankruptcies, liens, judgments, UCC filings, corporate affiliations, professional licenses, driver’s license information, voter registration information, and a lot more.

Digging up details on a potential business partner, a new client, a former or current spouse, an employee or boss, or a defendant in a lawsuit is often difficult and can be impossible to find if you don’t have the right tools or resources. This is why spending the time and extra money to hire a CIA-trained private investigator to conduct a thorough background and employment report, along with a hidden asset search, may be priceless.

A background and employment report is always necessary when hiring a new employee, but here are some other situations when a background report or a hidden asset search may be important:

Hiring someone to conduct a background or assets search is essential in many situations. At Crossroads Investigations, we’ll not only find a person, but we’ll make sure to find their most valuable hidden possessions and the value of them, so they can potentially share them with you.

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