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Only a small number of court cases wind up with jury trials, making jury selection a very high-stakes game. Let Crossroads help tip the scales in your favor by offering our unique method of jury consulting!

Crossroads Investigations is already well known in Florida for our superior customer service and reliability. We have been ranked as the top investigative agency for seven years running by the Daily Business Review. Our owner is a former CIA officer, a Board Accredited Investigator, a Florida Board certified Investigator, and a certified International Investigator.

Our jury consulting service combines our team’s ability to rapidly mine and analyze data with Crossroads’ access to proprietary databases that aggregates restrictive data from various sources. While potential jurors may provide basic information about themselves before walking into the courtroom, much information is missing. This can include age, hobbies, political party affiliations and leanings, previous employment, car accidents, criminal histories, liens, bankruptcies, judgments, foreclosures, evictions, business ownership, personal blogs, and additional key indicators on an individual’s preferences and inclinations that can be revealed through social media by tracking posts, comments, and followers.

This service includes up to one day of on-site jury consulting, where a member of our team sits at the counsel table to provide real-time support while collaborating with back-office analysts and an unlimited number of comprehensive background and social media reports to assist in instantaneous profiling of prospective jurors for selection.

June 26, 2023: Marc Hurwitz of Crossroads Investigations quoted about Jury Pool Vetting in Sun Sentinel Article.

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