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Whether you’re looking to see if your potential business partner is legitimate, or if the charming person you want to lend money to is financially sound, we’ve got your back! You’ve probably Googled them, or maybe even run an online basic report. While valuable information can be found by scouring public records, our reports are prepared and analyzed by licensed investigators with many years of research. Not only do we weed out false positive information, but we also spend tens of thousands of dollars on databases restricted to some licensed investigators, which give us access to fresher and deeper information than DIY online reports.

Depending on the depth of the investigation needed, we offer several research-driven services, including deep background reports, due diligence research, and record retrieval. Often, we begin our investigation with a deep background report, which may show red flags such as criminal history, liens, bankruptcies, or judgments.  From there, we can proceed to an even more in-depth project via due diligence research. We can further supplement our findings with record retrieval of ether criminal records or incident reports.

If you’re in need of an investigation for or personal or business matter, reach out to us today!




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Our contact info

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