Political Opposition Research

It’s political campaign season!  With that comes the need for political opposition research – that is, the close examination of one’s political rivals, and even one’s self!

You cannot run for office without knowing as much as possible about your opponent, especially information they want to keep hidden.  

There are many different options available when looking to find vulnerabilities in a political opponent.  

  1. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know if there is a pattern of bad judgment, including arrests, liens, bankruptcies, judgments, foreclosures and evictions? 
  2. For associated businesses, are there conflicts of interest or undisclosed associations? 
  3. Are any the subject’s relatives, business partners or close associates under scrutiny by law enforcement or otherwise have a tawdry background?
  4. What does the world have to say about our subject, including social media, news sources, and blogs?
  5. And, where are they physically going?  Who are they meeting with? Surveillance can reveal suspicious or illegal connections.

But checking your opponent is only half the story. Some clients hire us to conduct a check on themselves – they want to know what’s out there so they’re not surprised on the campaign trail.  One recent example was a client who though his arrest record was sealed.  We found it, and he decided not to run. 

As you kick off your political campaign this season, consider hiring Crossroads Investigations to be in your corner. 

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