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Let Us Handle Your International Investigations

From corporate due diligence to locating someone overseas, Crossroads Investigations has your back. We have a dependable network of investigators in most countries to ensure our clients’ needs are met globally. The important thing to note is that every country has its own guidelines for how specific investigations can be conducted, as well as which …

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Debunked: Common Myths About Private Investigators

When you hear the terms “private investigator” or “detective,” we’re sure a certain image appears in your head. Whether it’s an older man smoking in a dim office, or a beautiful young woman dressed in leather pants at the scene of a crime, private investigator stereotypes in pop culture persist. The reality is that private …

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How to Hire a Private Investigator

How to Hire a Private Investigator   Did you know there are over 7,000 licensed private investigators in Florida?  With so many options, it can be difficult to know how to hire a private investigator to meet your needs. Crossroads Investigations offers the following tips to help:   Licensing: The most important item to check …

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You’re Out of Luck if You Fall For One of These Scams

During these uncertain times, in which virtual meetings and interactions are becoming more commonplace, the current climate is ripe for fraud. Scammers are emboldened by the lack of in-person interaction and easy monetary exchanges in today’s world. Some scams we at Crossroads Investigations been hearing about in recent months include: Bitcoin and other crypto-currency-related scams. …

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Political Opposition Research

It’s political campaign season!  With that comes the need for political opposition research – that is, the close examination of one’s political rivals, and even one’s self! You cannot run for office without knowing as much as possible about your opponent, especially information they want to keep hidden.   There are many different options available …

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Common COVID-19 Scams

It’s a sad reality that scammers are seizing this opportunity to make a quick buck, but they are, and we need to be extra cautious! So, what kinds of scams have we been seeing during the COVID19 pandemic? Four main ones come to mind.  1. Hoax text message and robocall campaigns …Offering free home testing kits …

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Co-Parenting Social Distancing Investigations

Parenting is hard, co-parenting is even harder! Parents are responsible not just for keeping themselves safe but keeping their kids safe as well, especially in the age of COVID-19: no more play dates, no parks, no unnecessary human interaction at all. So, what does this mean when divorced parents have co-sharing obligations? What happens if …

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Business Interruption Insurance Defense Investigations

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating on small businesses across the country.  One recourse some businesses are attempting is to seek relief via business interruption clauses in their general liability insurance policies. However, most insurance companies have included exemptions for pandemics as it relates to business interruption. This has not stopped class action suits from …

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