Common COVID-19 Scams

It’s a sad reality that scammers are seizing this opportunity to make a quick buck, but they are, and we need to be extra cautious! So, what kinds of scams have we been seeing during the COVID19 pandemic? Four main ones come to mind. 

1. Hoax text message and robocall campaigns

…Offering free home testing kits and virus cures. Well, we all know that nothing in life is free.  They are definitely after your personal details: your date of birth, home address and many other pieces of information that could lead to identity theft. Maybe they’ll tell you that the shipping is not free, so now you are handing over your credit card number.

2. Fake Government Agency employees:

All making various claims about loans. Again, this is another ploy to get your personal information.

3. Phishing emails:

These have always been a problem, but now they’re especially dominant. They’re asking you to click a link, and once you click on that link, there’s no going back! You’ve now given someone complete access to your computer (and all of the information it contains.)

4. Preying on the financially vulnerable.

People are worried. They are worried about their jobs, their families, how they will survive. but criminals are preying on this fear Don’t EVER give any information out via phone, email or text. Don’t click on any links. If someone calls from the bank, tell them you will call back using the number on the back of your card, or call your personal banker just to make sure. Even if you recognize the phone number, there are ways to spoof known numbers.

Crossroads Investigations is at the ready to consult with you on any problem! We can be reached via or (866) 976-2371. In the meantime: stay home, stay healthy, and stay vigilant!

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