What To Do Before Romance Goes Up In Flames

Many of us tend to get swept up in fantasies of what modern romance should be. Meeting someone is easier than ever with our increased connectedness and the abundance of dating apps; however, not every connection has a fairy tale ending. No matter what stage of a relationship you are in, Crossroads Investigations has a service for you.

  • Deep Background Report (Beginning of a Relationship): Are they who they say they are? With a deep background report, or even a social media report, we can look for potential red flags, such as poor financial history, continued relationships with other individuals, and/or an extensive criminal past.
  • Surveillance (Beginning of the End of a Relationship): Do you suspect your significant other is more than friends with their coworker? Perhaps they have been more secretive lately, prompting you to wonder what is going on during time not spent with you. With our surveillance service, we can either confirm your suspicions or bring you peace of mind.
  • Asset Investigations (End of a Relationship): Dividing up marital assets during the divorce process is difficult enough, and it can be further compounded when one of the parties is not disclosing their complete assets. With our asset investigations, we have the ability to look for possible hidden accounts or properties transferred to other parties.   


From the beginning to the end of a relationship, Crossroads Investigations is here for you. Contact us today to see how we can be of assistance in your personal matter!

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