We should be able to trust those closest to us, whether they are in our personal or business lives. Sometimes red flags go unnoticed, and we end up hurt. The good news is that there are investigative options, such as a Crossroads Investigations Deep Background Check, to determine if someone can be fully trusted. Our deep background checks are good thumbnail sketches that can provide some insight into someone’s character and history, including criminal history, judgments, liens, business affiliations, hard assets, bankruptcies, evictions, properties, vehicles, businesses, and many more items. Here are a select few situations that may warrant a deep background check:

  • Going into business with a business partner with an unknown past. Always be weary of the business “guru” with outlandish ideas to make money that seem too good to be true, and make sure you know exactly who and what your money is going to before funding any business opportunity.
  • A blossoming online romance in which one of the parties always needs the other half to send money. Today’s online Casanovas are sophisticated. They target their victims in creative ways, such as on the traditionally professional social networking site LinkedIn. They may first appear to want to connect on a strictly business or platonic level, but slowly they will earn their victim’s trust. Once that trust is gained, they create situations that draw pity from their unsuspecting prey, such as hospitalizations, and make their first unscrupulous monetary request. This cycle will continue until either the victim wises up, or the romance scammer moves on. Click here for a guide to romance scams from the Federal Trade Commission.
  • A soon-to-be ex-spouse who appears to be hiding assets, such as family properties. In a divorce proceeding, it is important for both parties to the divorce to disclose all information about their assets.

If you find yourself in a similarly suspicious situation with someone, contact Crossroads Investigations for all your investigative needs. We want to ensure your peace of mind.

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