Unique Research Tools

Did You Know? We Also Offer the Following Research Tools for Your Case

  • MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) Report: Do you suspect that a claimant has a history of motor vehicle accidents with alleged injuries? We can run a 7-year motor vehicle record report to see what other accidents the subject has been in.
  • Vehicle Sightings Report: Is your subject bouncing from address to address, and you’re having a difficult time pinning down their whereabouts? Our Vehicle Sightings Report pulls information from license plate recognition data and shows locations the subject’s vehicle has been pinged at within the past few months. We have been successful in identifying primary residences using the data gleaned from a Vehicle Sightings Report.
  • Social Media Report: If finding social media for your subjects is proving to be difficult and you just don’t have the time, we are here for you. Alternatively, sometimes there is just too much information and you need a specialist to preserve posts that may be helpful to your case. Our talented team is great at identifying aliases and screennames associated with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms.

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