One of the critical tools state, county and city governments will be using to fight COVID-19 is Contact Tracing – the method of tracing and monitoring the contacts of infected people. 

Private Investigators are well-suited for this type of work because it involves two methods well-practiced in our industry:

1. Skip Tracing – This term refers to finding people. When someone “skips” town, a skip tracer may be hired to find him.  For private investigators, the subject may not want to be found. For the purposes of Coronavirus Contact Tracing, an infected person may provide an investigator list of people they have been in contact with, and the investigator will “skip trace” these contacts, to query who in urn they’ve been on contact with.  This list may include relatives, friends, friends of friends, neighbors, store workers, etc. Contact information can be found using restricted databases available online to some licensed private investigators.  These sources provide address, phone numbers and email addresses associated with the subject’s credit history. vehicle registrations, utility records and more. 

2. Once a subject’s contact information has been found, an investigator then will make contact.  In the age of Coronavirus, this will most safely be done via telephone interviews. An experienced investigator will use telephone interviews to acquire information regarding the subject’s movements and contacts.  

Crossroads Investigations stands ready to assist in any contact tracing need – we can quickly assign hundreds of contact tracers if necessary, and have the experience to manage large data sets and conduct link analysis.  

Contact us today for a fee consultation – 866-XROADS-1 (866-976-2371), or

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