Global Watch List Searches

A Global Watch List Search is an important part of many investigations.  We have clients who request this service for various reasons:

-to vet a potential overseas business partner or investor 

-to be able to show the government that they conducted due diligence, should a problem arise later

-for immigration purposes

It’s important to understand what a Crossroads Investigations Global Watch List search (sometimes called a “Patriot Act Search”) includes and does not include. Our search includes checking over 60 lists, including DEA, FBI, FinCen, IRS, State Department, and InterPol.  

But many would argue the most important list we check is the Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list, otherwise known as the Terrorist Watch List. This list changes frequently and is currently over 1400 pages.  

The challenge in searching any of these lists is that there is no western standardization as to how foreign names are spelled (for example, Mohammed vs Muhammad). Thus, it can be very easy to mistakenly miss a name. Crossroads has a system to check for “fuzzy spelling” to mitigate this risk to ensure our clients get all possible results.  

It’s important to note that our Global Watch List Search does not include checking classified lists. The US Government has many watch lists that are not publicly available, and there is no way for any private investigation agency to search these. Thus, our search should be seen as a way to mitigate, but not eliminate, the risks. 

Our Global Watch List Search service is an inexpensive way to protect your interests. And even better, it is automatically included in our expanded National Comprehensive Background Report. We also offer more in-depth international investigations, utilizing our global network of in-country investigators.  

We are always available for consultations to help you with your matter!  Please don’t hesitate to reach us via or 866-XROADS-1 (866-976-2371). 

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