Your Very Own Research Department

Your Very Own Research Department by Marc Hurwitz I take great pride in ensuring Crossroads’ clients have access to the best and most up-to-date information possible, whether it’s for comprehensive background reports, skip tracing, or for other hard-to-find information, such as social security numbers, vehicle information, dates of birth, etc. In fact, clients often request […]

Employee and Tenant Screening Has Never Been Easier

Employee and Tenant Screening Has Never Been Easier by Marc Hurwitz We are pleased to announce that Crossroads has added a significant new capability – you may now log in to order customized employee and tenant background screening reports!  These reports are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  For a limited time, the […]

Be Your Own Investigator 101

Be Your Own Investigator 101 by Marc Hurwitz Clients use Crossroads Investigations as a resource to find hard-to-find data or to sift through a lot of open-source data to find useful information. We always try to find ways to save clients money, and one way we do that is by pointing them to FREE resources […]

Protect Your Emails From Snoops

Protect Your Emails From Snoops by Marc Hurwitz At Crossroads Investigations, not only are we great at finding hard-to-find information on other people, but we also advise our clients on how to to keep their own information secure. Because I’m a former CIA officer, I have a wide network of experts to draw upon to […]

Holiday Phishing

Holiday Phishing by Marc Hurwitz Crossroads Investigations has seen an uptick of identity theft cases.  In one recent case, a fraudster used a client’s personal information to create corporate entities and purchase properties.  It should come as no surprise, since the Federal Trade Commission has given Florida the top prize in highest per capita rate of […]

Lunch is On Me

Lunch is On Me by Marc Hurwitz As many of you know, Crossroads Investigations is more than just a private investigation agency.  Our Due Diligence practice produces studies on par with the top consulting firms – we subscribe to the same restricted databases, and the Crossroads analysis team is comprised of former federal intelligence officers whose expertise […]

Who’s Working For You?

Who’s Working For You? by Marc Hurwitz As a former CIA officer, who has seen his fair share of sketchy behavior, I am NOT a very trusting person. But even if you are, there are some people you really shouldn’t be afraid of knowing absolutely everything about. The nanny or babysitter who watches your children, […]

Interview Tips

Interview Tips by Marc Hurwitz As a Private Investigator, I get asked a lot to check into the backgrounds of potential employees. But whether you’re that potential employee or an employer, there’s some simple advice I always pass along. When conducting a job interview, make sure to ask, “Are there any individuals or any records […]

A Tip for Preventing Identity Theft

A Tip for Preventing Identity Theft by Marc Hurwitz Did you know that nearly 12 million people became victims of identity fraud last year? We would like to offer an easy tip to help limit your exposure to Identity Theft. Instead of signing your name on the back of your credit cards, write in large […]

Due Diligence: Do Your Homework

Due Diligence: Do Your Homework by Marc Hurwitz Driving out of a dealership with a brand new car can be pretty exciting. That new car smell and feel is memorable. But before even signing any paperwork or putting money down, most of us research, comparison shop and go for a test ride. Then why is […]

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