Be Your Own Investigator 101

Be Your Own Investigator 101 by Marc Hurwitz

Clients use Crossroads Investigations as a resource to find hard-to-find data or to sift through a lot of open-source data to find useful information.

We always try to find ways to save clients money, and one way we do that is by pointing them to FREE resources that make the seemingly hard-to-find…easy.

A great example of this is knowing where to find free criminal searches. While our same-day deep background reports contain nationwide criminal and traffic searches, as well as bankruptcies, liens, evictions, and a lot more, sometimes a more localized cursory look is all that is needed.

With this mind, please point your direction to the Resources Page on . It includes links for:

  • Miami-Dade County Criminal Records Search
  • Broward County Criminal Records Search
  • Palm Beach County Criminal Records Search
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement Warrants Database
  • National Sex Offenders and Predators Database
  • National Crime Mapping Search
  • Interpol Database
  • US Department of Treasury Overseas Foreign Asset Control Restrictions Persons Search
  • Neighbors Names and Phone Numbers Lookup

If you want a great thumbnail sketch of a person, nothing beats our same-day deep background reports or our even deeper due diligence studies. But if you just need the basics, we hope you’ll find the above tools useful.

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