Who’s Working For You?

Who’s Working For You? by Marc Hurwitz

As a former CIA officer, who has seen his fair share of sketchy behavior, I am NOT a very trusting person. But even if you are, there are some people you really shouldn’t be afraid of knowing absolutely everything about.

The nanny or babysitter who watches your children, the attorney who handles your estate or the accountant who does your taxes are people who you should run a background check on. Most of my clients feel bad about doing just that, but after all, you are putting your life or your child’s life in that person’s hands. You’ll feel much worse if something happens and you didn’t check them out.

Crossroads Investigations has a great tool called the Comprehensive Report, which looks into a person’s criminal history, properties, vehicles, bankruptcies, liens, evictions, driving accidents in Florida and a lot more. Call us and we’ll help you out.

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