Cryptocurrency Searches

Here at Crossroads Investigations, we try our best to keep up with the latest technologies and best practices for investigations. We have spent the past year familiarizing ourselves with cryptocurrency and how it affects our asset investigations. Crossroads Crypto Searches In recent years, we have found that more individuals are using cryptocurrency to hide their […]

Looking For A Pot Of Gold?

People, especially those who owe a large sum of money, or those who do not want their true wealth to be known, will go out of their way to hide assets. Whether through shell companies or properties, there are many ways an individual can hide money. Crossroads Investigations’ asset searches are the perfect way to […]

Are Bank Account Searches Legal?

As consumers, our personal financial information is gold, and in order to prevent unscrupulous companies from accessing it inappropriately, it must be protected. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act) was enacted in 1999 to safeguard consumer financial information. All businesses determined to be financial institutions must abide by the guidelines set forth by the GLB Act. […]

What Does an Asset Search Reveal?

Any of Crossroads Investigations’ asset search options can provide good insight into either an individual’s or a company’s overall net worth. This is important in situations in which either you or a client is owed money or compensation. Not everyone is forthcoming, and people find ways to hide their assets. That’s where a private investigator […]

Co-Parenting Social Distancing Investigations

Parenting is hard, co-parenting is even harder! Parents are responsible not just for keeping themselves safe but keeping their kids safe as well, especially in the age of COVID-19: no more play dates, no parks, no unnecessary human interaction at all. So, what does this mean when divorced parents have co-sharing obligations? What happens if […]

What an Asset Search Should Include

What an Asset Search Should Include by Marc Hurwitz Without a doubt, asset searches are an art, not a science. With so many moving parts, no asset search is ever the same. When conducting asset searches, we divide assets into three separate categories: 1 – Hard assets such as vehicles and properties, or anything else […]

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