Are Bank Account Searches Legal?

As consumers, our personal financial information is gold, and in order to prevent unscrupulous companies from accessing it inappropriately, it must be protected. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act) was enacted in 1999 to safeguard consumer financial information. All businesses determined to be financial institutions must abide by the guidelines set forth by the GLB Act. When conducting asset searches, such as bank and brokerage account searches, Crossroads Investigations adheres to the provisions of the GLB Act closely:

  • We do not “pretext” financial institutions in order to secure bank account information.
  • We collect data and payment methods of individuals via collection centers and payment processors.
  • We locate originating transfer bank and funds available through data retrieved from algorithms from proprietary software.
  • We do not use account numbers in searches, only key numbers. Key numbers describe originating bank, account holder, and receiving bank and account holder information.
  • We ensure that any asset information is only used by persons holding a legal or beneficial interest relating to the consumer, or to protect against or prevent actual fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims, or other liability.
Crossroads Investigations is mainly able to pinpoint the location of a bank account and occasionally balance information; however, additional details can be secured through a subpoena if there is a legal interest.

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