What an Asset Search Should Include

What an Asset Search Should Include by Marc Hurwitz


Without a doubt, asset searches are an art, not a science. With so many moving parts, no asset search is ever the same. When conducting asset searches, we divide assets into three separate categories:

1 – Hard assets such as vehicles and properties, or anything else that is tangible. But we don’t just take these at face value. For example, if researching a vehicle, it’s important to know who owns the vehicle title. This provides clues that help determine if the subject owns, finances, or leases said vehicle. Similarly, ownership of a property only tells part of the story; there could be a mortgage involved.

2 – Soft assets such as bank and brokerage accounts. When you have a judgment and need to know how much money someone or some entity has in the bank, this is what we research. These searches may also reveal safety deposit boxes.

3 – International bank accounts. While no investigator can search all accounts worldwide in one shot, if you know which country you’d like to look into, an investigator with good contacts there can certainly help.

At Crossroads, we can conduct any type of asset search, anytime.

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