What Does an Asset Search Reveal?

Any of Crossroads Investigations’ asset search options can provide good insight into either an individual’s or a company’s overall net worth. This is important in situations in which either you or a client is owed money or compensation. Not everyone is forthcoming, and people find ways to hide their assets. That’s where a private investigator steps in. Crossroads Investigations has several asset check options that may reveal the following soft assets and tangible assets:

  • Bank Accounts
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Real Estate (Properties and Land)
  • Vehicles, Boats, and Aircraft

Our deep background check and hard asset search option also reveals liabilities, such as liens and bankruptcies. This information is pulled from both proprietary databases and public records. Both our hard asset searches and soft asset searches, such as bank and brokerage account searches, are legal and ethical.

In anticipation of a potential lawsuit, we recommend that you conduct your due diligence to determine if the other party has assets worth pursuing.


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