Looking For A Pot Of Gold?

People, especially those who owe a large sum of money, or those who do not want their true wealth to be known, will go out of their way to hide assets. Whether through shell companies or properties, there are many ways an individual can hide money. Crossroads Investigations’ asset searches are the perfect way to uncover potential hidden wealth.

Crossroads’ team is well-equipped to identify hidden assets. We conduct our preliminary research using several premium databases, property records, corporate filings, and more. From there, we relay to the client the best options. Every situation is unique, and the more information a client can provide, the better we can assist.

Some of the assets we can search for include:

  • Properties
  • Bank Accounts
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Water Vessels
  • International Assets

Our team can do the legwork if you believe your case involves hidden assets. Click the link below if you have a situation that warrants an in-depth asset investigation!

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Our contact info

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