Don’t Get Tricked: Treat Them Like A Stranger

Do you really know who you’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis? Whether it’s a potential business partner, a crucial witness to a criminal case, a mysterious date who may not be as charming upon a further glance, it is important to vet the people in your professional and personal life.

We’ve heard it time and time again. A big sale that turns sour after the buyer disappears.  A new significant other hiding a dark past. A witness charged with giving false statements to  the police in the past.

Whatever the situation is, trust your guts.  Don’t let the unknown haunt you – allow Crossroads to assist you with a deep background investigation!

Our President Marc Hurwitz also regularly makes presentations about vetting people to rotaries, family law offices, and law sections. His “A Former CIA Officer’s Guide to Vetting People in Your Life” presentation covers ways both a layperson and/or a licensed private investigations agency can evaluate people and businesses for red flags. Marc also offers CLEs with similar material. Contact us today to see how Marc can add value to your firm or organization with a private investigations presentation!

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