Out In The Field: Services Beyond Surveillance

We don’t just hide out in our cars and watch people! One common assumption about field investigators is that they mainly observe and follow the subjects of their insurance defense or infidelity investigations. However, we have successfully handled other field assignments, including photographing the scene of an accident or knocking on doors to confirm an individual resides at a given address.

Besides straight-forward surveillance, we can assist with:

  • Witness interviews
  • Locating and/or making contact with clients or relatives
  • Scene inspections
  • Workplace investigations
Sometimes a field assignment does not fit into a clear cut category. Either way, we are happy to hear more about your situation to see what we can do to assist!

Our contact info

Our contact info

Mailing Address (not a branch address): 1835 NE 185 St., Ste 547, Miami, FL 33179

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