Are They Really *THAT* Injured?

It’s midyear, and everyone wants to be out and about, living their best lives. The transition from spring to summer presents the best opportunity for surveillance to capture plaintiffs, claimants, and other individuals doing what they allege they cannot do. The Crossroads team is well-versed in surveillance for insurance defense purposes, and our past efforts have provided vital evidence to our clients’ cases.

When we begin a new surveillance investigation, our management team first analyzes the case information, including address history, vehicle registration information, social media profiles, and client-provided documents, such as deposition transcripts. From there, our team assigns a seasoned field investigator and prepares a plan for the most favorable timeframe to document activity. Once surveillance is complete, our team prepares a final report and video package outlining our effort.

Our final reports include still “action shots” of the subject gleaned from the corresponding video documentation, as well as a detailed narrative that paints a picture of what we observed. Our investigators have also been able to testify as witnesses as to what they observed during their outings.

If you find yourself questioning the validity of an injury claim, contact us today to discuss how surveillance may benefit your case!

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