So You Want Surveillance Records?

Surveillance work is what private investigators are known for, and for good reason. It is a large part of what we do. Not a day goes by that Crossroads Investigations doesn’t get a call from someone requesting information on surveillance. The motivation may be suspicion of a cheating spouse, a child custody or alimony dispute, or a former employee who may be violating a non-compete agreement.

To every caller, I give the same advisory:

  • Surveillance can get expensive! Just think, you’re paying for someone to sit in their car for hours on end, regardless of outcome. Are you ready to make that financial commitment?
  • If your budget is limited, do you at least have a notion of a time and place when something worth observing may happen?
  • It’s not like the movies! If we only use one surveillant, there’s always the inherent risk of losing a suspect racing through a red light.
  • If the suspect is zig-zagging through a residential neighborhood and realizes he or she is being followed, what’s the possible blow-back to you?


All of those factors should be addressed and considered before making a decision on surveillance. But let’s be clear, surveillance is an important investigative tool. If you’re ever in the position that you need to hire someone, a highly trained team or individual with years of investigative experience – like the ones employed at Crossroads Investigations – will likely yield the best results.

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