Holiday Phishing

Holiday Phishing by Marc Hurwitz Crossroads Investigations has seen an uptick of identity theft cases.  In one recent case, a fraudster used a client’s personal information to create corporate entities and purchase properties.  It should come as no surprise, since the Federal Trade Commission has given Florida the top prize in highest per capita rate of […]

Interview Tips

Interview Tips by Marc Hurwitz As a Private Investigator, I get asked a lot to check into the backgrounds of potential employees. But whether you’re that potential employee or an employer, there’s some simple advice I always pass along. When conducting a job interview, make sure to ask, “Are there any individuals or any records […]

A Tip for Preventing Identity Theft

A Tip for Preventing Identity Theft by Marc Hurwitz Did you know that nearly 12 million people became victims of identity fraud last year? We would like to offer an easy tip to help limit your exposure to Identity Theft. Instead of signing your name on the back of your credit cards, write in large […]

Skip Tracing: How to Find People in Miami and Elsewhere

Skip Tracing: How to Find People by Marc Hurwitz Criminals are crafty. From my days with the CIA and the U.S. Department of State, I can say I’ve seen the bad guys try it all. But they also make mistakes, and that’s why bad guys almost always get caught. The hard part can be finding […]

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