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Why Would Someone Hire a Private Investigator?

why would someone hire a private investigator

Why Would Someone Hire a Private Investigator?

A private investigator, also known as a PI, is a licensed or credentialed professional who specializes in conducting investigations for private individuals, organizations, and businesses. The decision to hire a private investigator is one that is not made lightly – as conducting investigations without law enforcement support is a process entirely of its own. Why would someone hire a private investigator? There are countless reasons, some personal, and some professional, but the most common include the following:

    • Infidelity investigations: One of the most common reasons people hire private investigators is to confirm or disprove suspicions of infidelity. Hiring a private investigator to conduct a “cheating spouse” investigation is a serious matter which can have profound legal and personal repercussions. During infidelity investigations, a PI can gather evidence such as surveillance footage, photographs, and witness statements to help determine whether a spouse is committing marital infidelity.
    • Background checks: One of the most common reasons why someone would hire a private investigator is to conduct a meticulous or extensive background check. A PI can conduct extremely detailed background checks on potential employees, business partners, or anyone else with whom a person or business may be considering a relationship. This includes criminal history, financial liabilities such as judgments or liens, and any other relevant information in a professional or personal context.
    • Missing persons: When a person goes missing, their loved ones may feel helpless and frustrated by the lack of progress made by law enforcement. It is a powerless feeling to know a loved one is missing and not have any recourse, but that’s where private investigators can apply their specialized skill set to locate just about anyone, anywhere. A family can hire a private investigator to use their resources, connections, and expertise to help locate a missing person.
    • Fraud investigations: Data from the US Federal Trade Commission shows that consumers lost over $5.8B in fraud during 2021. Businesses and individuals can fall victim to various types of fraud, such as investment scams, identity theft, and insurance fraud. It is common for businesses to hire a private investigator to conduct internal, and external, business investigations in an attempt to prevent, or stop fraud. A private investigator can assist in gathering evidence to build a case and help a victim recover their losses, or to identify someone who is likely to commit a fraudulent act based on their past business or personal dealings.
    • Child custody: There are few circumstances more emotionally taxing than a child custody “battle” which has taken a turn for the worst. When a couple is in the midst of a custody dispute, they may decide to hire a private investigator to gather evidence in support of one side’s case. For example, a PI may conduct surveillance to observe a parent’s behavior and interactions with the child, which can be used in court.
    • Corporate investigations: Companies can benefit from hiring a private investigator to conduct internal investigations into potential fraud, embezzlement, or other types of criminal activity within the organization. This can help protect the company’s assets and reputation.
    • Surveillance: One of the most common services provided by private investigators is surveillance – the close observation of an individual without them knowing they are being watched. A private investigator can conduct surveillance to gather evidence in a variety of cases, including infidelity investigations, child custody disputes, and fraud investigations.

Hiring a private investigator is often a more efficient and effective solution compared to relying solely on law enforcement, or striving to conduct an investigation personally, without any training or experience. Private investigators have access to resources, connections, and technology that may not be available to the general public, which can significantly enhance the chances of obtaining the information needed. Additionally, private investigators are trained in conducting investigations and have the experience to know how to gather evidence in a way that will hold up in court.

While there are many reasons, and opportunities, regarding why someone would hire a private investigator – it is important to understand that not all private investigators are “equal” in skill or experience. Selecting a reputable and experienced private investigator is a huge component of successfully hiring a private investigator in the first place. There are many individuals and companies who claim to be private investigators, but may not have the proper credentials, training, or expertise. Before hiring a private investigator, it is recommended to check their credentials, references, and any prior experience they may have.

It’s perfectly normal to be curious about why would someone hire a private investigator. Hiring a private investigator can be a valuable investment for individuals and businesses who need to gather information and evidence in a confidential and professional manner. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, a private investigator can provide a solution when other methods or resources have failed. With their resources, connections, and expertise, hiring a private investigator can help bring closure and resolution to a wide range of legal cases.

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