As the Founder of the Florida Lawyers Network, I have the privilege of connecting with hundreds of attorneys on a regular basis, and I can truly and confidently say that Crossroads Investigations is the premiere investigative company in the entire community. Whether you need to find money that cannot be found by anyone else, or you need a background check on a future business partner, Crossroads is the top place for all attorneys and business owners to hire to make sure it gets done right.

As a busy lawyer, Crossroads has saved me countless hours and dollars by being super-efficient and professional with all of my firm’s investigation needs. For example, when I ask for an investigation report, I get the full report but also a summary which highlights what I need to know. The professionalism and service is top-notch. I highly recommend Crossroads to my colleagues.

I truly appreciate the excellent investigative services you have offered my litigation clients over the years. You and your team are head and shoulders above the others. Highly recommend!!!!

Crossroads is our go-to for not only asset-searching but also critical information retrieval. They provide a host of services that law firms and clients to assess when deciding to initiate a lawsuit or legal proceeding, when proceeding with collections on a judgment, and when attempting to negotiate a truly binding settlement agreement. Crossroads helps in all aspects of these various processes identifying key pieces of information that help make informed decisions. They are a responsive, resourceful, and reliable. This is your team for your investigation.

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Cathy ReadCathy Read
01:55 06 May 24
Crossroads Investigations provides outstanding service. Their report surpassed all my expectations.

They are professional, discrete, and expeditious.

I will not hesitate to employ their services in the future, as needed. Thank you, Sarah for a job well done.
Noh Low MarogaNoh Low Maroga
07:05 07 Apr 24
Mrs. Snyder's attention to detail and commitment to excellence make her a standout trader and broker. Don't miss the opportunity to work with someone of her caliber. Within a week , Mrs. Barbara traded my $1000 into $11,050 for me. She went above and beyond to make the entire process a very stress... free one. Contact her for your trading service :
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Olivia BryantOlivia Bryant
16:15 04 Apr 24
Mrs. Amandra Kelly has been a guiding light in my Forex trading journey, transforming my financial future with her expert mentorship. Through her personalized approach, I've gone from a struggling trader to a consistent earner, achieving financial freedom and security. Mrs. Kelly's vast knowledge,... patience, and dedication to her clients' success are unmatched. Her passion for empowering others to succeed in the markets is inspiring and contagious. With her guidance, I've not only achieved financial stability but also gained the skills and confidence to continue growing. I highly recommend Mrs. Kelly to anyone seeking a trusted and exceptional Forex trading mentor. Her impact on my life has been nothing short of remarkable! You can contact her via:
Email: amandrakelly110@gmail.com
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Lindokuhle MlindohLindokuhle Mlindoh
10:27 04 Mar 24
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Junior PrinceJunior Prince
23:09 01 Jan 24
I was lucky enough to get to know Mrs Emily in my Forex trading career. Since then my trading has increased a lot. What can i say... Emily provided an Unique trading earnings. It is really one of a kind and has it's own league. But i can confidently say that, Emily Alison trading is the most useful... and has really increase my life and family standard. I Invested $1,500 and make $18,500 after just seven days of investing with Emily, the money i spent on the course, is a well spent money and a good investment, i never regret it. Good job ma'am Emily God will continue to increase you and your family,, you can also invest with her safely. email is emilyalison691@gmail.com
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Langelihle UyabizwaLangelihle Uyabizwa
04:20 08 Sep 23
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Nasiru Muhd GulmaNasiru Muhd Gulma
17:54 16 Mar 23
Whenever you saw a recommendation about this woman don't doubt she's the best trader I ever work with Her trading is second to none, Mrs. williams evelyn a successful mindset alongside superior technical knowledge. Amazing work culture, everyone is willing to invest with her because she makes a... good profit of over $12,050 with just a minimum of $1000 in 7 days, Contact her on Email: williamsevelyn2300@gmail.com
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I wish I had contacted you earlier enough, it would have been much better.
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Kahozi Sangwa AugustinKahozi Sangwa Augustin
01:05 15 Feb 23
Super amazing platform for stocks investment, easy to use, and quick withdrawal. I have been using this platform together with the most recommended forex strategy on the internet from MR ETHAN PAYNE and so far I have no complaints, making close to $7000-$15000 on a weekly basis. he is really great,... the best in his field and unique among others. I am thankful and want you all to partake in his good works.
Contact him via:
Email: ethanpayne700@gmail.com
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Slovas MthimkhuluSlovas Mthimkhulu
16:01 13 Nov 22
I am here to refer anyone looking for an expert in Bitcoin/Forex trading to contact Mrs. Sandra Billy, She is very good at helping you invest your funds for better profits. I invested $500 and earned $6,000 within a week.
You can contact her... via
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Ben HoweBen Howe
22:00 29 Dec 20
Marc of Crossroads Investigations did a great job following up with me to ensure I was fully satisfied with his support during a recent professional conference. He also showed an extraordinary ability to understand what I needed and was able to meet my needs fully. Thanks again!
Max SpanierMax Spanier
14:58 20 Apr 20
I run a recruiting business and need to do background checks for all the employees and Crossroads Investigations has been fantastic to work with. They provide a great service, very competitive prices and best of all are very professional throughout the entire process.
Francisco GellerFrancisco Geller
19:49 06 Oct 19
Professional, always on service. I cannot recommend more highly
Crossroads Investigations are the best. Professional and quick! I recommend them.
John TembladorJohn Temblador
23:11 11 Jan 18
Great Investigative Services, Communication, and Client Resources!
Vasilis PyliotisVasilis Pyliotis
17:57 24 Aug 17
Evelyn Pinto AritaEvelyn Pinto Arita
01:07 22 Jun 17
Billy ReynoldsBilly Reynolds
17:45 12 Jul 16
Absolutely the best !!As President of my condo association I'm
So happy we switched to Crossroads!! -quick responses , excellent service ! Highly recommended !!
Matthew KrinzmanMatthew Krinzman
20:07 20 Nov 14
Karen BurkKaren Burk
18:23 20 Nov 14
Great, fast, and efficient service. Would highly recommend.
Hali Levy-KrinzmanHali Levy-Krinzman
17:23 20 Nov 14
David SchultzDavid Schultz
16:29 20 Nov 14
Jason NeufeldJason Neufeld
15:57 20 Nov 14
Don't take my word for it - the entire legal community consistently ranks Crossroads Investigations as one of the best private investigation firms in all of South Florida in the Daily Business Review.
Scott SchneiderScott Schneider
15:57 20 Nov 14
They provide very professional and timely service. I would definitely recommend them and have no hesitations about using their services again.

Reviews From Our Yelp Page

Yelp Reviews

Marc worked for me as a contractor on several security related projects, and then as an investigator in his current capacity. He was always detail oriented and sensitive to the timelines of deliverables. His sense of urgency and understanding of the scope of each project made him invaluable to me. Marc is a true professional and I would recommend him to anyone considering his services.​

I've worked with Marc on several occasions with respect to my clients’ cases and Marc is always professional, courteous and of course does an excellent job. Marc is highly qualified yet he is also very personable, which makes him the perfect choice for all of my and my clients’ investigative needs. I highly recommend Marc and Crossroads Investigations.

Crossroads Investigations is my go-to resource whenever I need background investigations, corporate due diligence, asset searches, and other hard-to-find information. Marc and his team are expert analytical investigators. I have referred him to contacts who needed a closer look at other companies prior to investments or a merger/acquisition. He’s been able to help my friends screen potential nannies and tenants. Crossroads is not your typical investigation agency – they add tremendous informational insight for companies and litigators.

Crossroads Investigations is top-notch. I used Marc when I found out someone had been stealing my content online and republishing it as his own. Crossroads followed the culprit’s “cyber-trail” and was able to not only uncover evidence of the “crime” but deliver it to me laid out in a letter so well-written and chock-full of proof that when confronted with it this guy literally ran away with his tail between his legs and has not used any of my material since. Bravo!! I will ALWAYS call these guys when I have an issue that needs to be investigated, on any front. They have my eternal gratitude.

Marc conducts all of our background checks for our staff. He always gets the job done correctly and on time. I know I can always count on Marc and his staff.

Marc and his firm can find anyone! His attention to detail is like no other. My clients have been more than thrilled at the results. Thanks again Marc.

Marc always gets the job done. When you need the answers to sensitive questions you can depend on Marc to not only get the answers but to always be discreet.

Marc Hurwitz, the Owner of Crossroads Investigations is a quality person and an excellent private investigator. His background is truly an asset – former CIA officer and former aide to the Deputy National Security Advisor.

Marc is thorough and meticulous in his approach to everything he does. Whether you are looking to track down someone who owes your business money or just run a quick background check on a prospective employee, Marc is your guy.

The key factor that separates Marc from everyone else is the level of integrity he brings to his work and his life. His personal character sets him apart from all others in his industry.

Marc is a consummate professional. He knows the business of investigations thoroughly and brings to bear considerable expertise from his intelligence background to do his work. He is sharp-thinking, and it has been my experience that he knows how to get quickly to the heart of the matter in any subject we have discussed, a very valuable asset in the investigative world. Marc is a kind and genuine person. He also is discreet. We put our trust in him. We would rely on him in any matter and unreservedly recommend him to others.

Marc’s education, training and experience at the highest levels of government allow him to excel at providing services.

I have consulted with Marc on several issues where I was immediately able to consult with him and gain very valuable information to remedy my problem. His vast amount of experience far surpasses anyone else in his industry, which allows him to properly and decisively deal with a task at hand. He is also a very fine person who cares not only about his craft, but genuinely cares about people. I would not turn to anyone else for investigative services, he is the best.

As a full service litigation law firm, our office requires the services of an investigation company to assist us on issues including locations of corporations and individuals and finding assets to collect on debts, including judgments. We have used the services of many agencies to assist our office in that regard but have found that the services of Crossroads are superior to its competitors and, therefore, we provide Crossroads and its principal, Mr. Hurwitz, with the highest recommendation.

Marc, is the quality person i always look to work with. Very organized and knowledgeable is very effective. He has a “constant growth” philosophy (personally and professionally) which makes him the go to person in matters of investigations and relationship building for me.

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