Do Your Homework Before Handing Over Those Keys!

One was a serial squatter. Another was an obsessive man with the capacity to commit murder. While these stories of terrible tenants are the kind that would be aired on a Netflix docuseries such as “Worst Roommate Ever,” it is still important for everyday landlords and property managers to screen potential tenants.

An FCRA-compliant background screening can show potential red flags, such as prior convictions and financial struggles. We use an easy, low-cost system that allows our clients to screen potential tenants, nannies, and employees. The process includes us sending a consent form to the candidate and then once that is received, we process the tenant background screening and send the results to the client within a few business days.

Additionally, we have additional ways of helping our clients vet people, such as national deep background checks, social media investigations, as well as due diligence research. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you in determining if someone is a good fit for a company or a property!

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