How to Hire a Surveillance Investigator

When we tell people what Crossroads does, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is surveillance.  While we offer many other services to our clients like asset searches and deep research, surveillance is indeed one of our primary service offerings.

What differentiates Crossroads Investigations?

  • We are not a guy and a car.  We are an agency that offers wide availability throughout South Florida.  That means we’re more likely to be ready to deploy when you give the green light.


  • We have a surveillance coordinator who will hold your hand and keep you informed throughout the case.


  • Our field investigators are experienced professionals. We turn down applicants to join our field team every week because they don’t meet our high standards.


  • No hidden fees – we don’t charge extra for travel time, report writing or photos and videos.


  • We keep you out of trouble – we stay on top of the local laws prohibiting the use of GPS trackers (unless you own the vehicle) and we don’t include audio in our recordings (since Florida is a two-party consent state). When you get to court, the last thing you need is a mistake by your investigator to harm your case.


  • Our reputation – ask around town – for 10 years, we have been conducting investigations throughout South Florida and are quite proud of our reputation.

Who do you want to have followed?

  • Your spouse or significant other?
  • An ex-employee you suspect of violating a non-compete agreement?
  • The parent of your child to check on your child’s welfare?

Our contact info

Our contact info

Mailing Address (not a branch address): 1835 NE 185 St., Ste 547, Miami, FL 33179

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