How Mystery Shopping Can Help Your Business

How Mystery Shopping Can Help Your Business by Marc Hurwitz

We’ve all rolled our eyes at ads about mystery shopping, an industry sullied by unprofessional and ill-qualified companies. Yet, mystery shopping done right can bring a lot of value for business-owners. That’s why I’m proud to share that our business-support services is expanding – not only can Crossroads provide federally-compliant employment background reports, we can now offer well-designed mystery shopping packages for businesses. 

The Crossroads Investigations team is highly suited for mystery shopping, as we regularly use pretense to obtain hard-to-get information. We offer our clients the opportunity to receive an unbiased report regarding perceptions of their business, from a highly-trained third party.


The trend nation-wide has been shifting toward the use of private investigation agencies for mystery shopping. The reasons for this include an understanding of the limits of business investigations, our experience in observation and precise reporting, and our understanding of the proper collection of evidence.


Why Mystery Shopping?


  • One dissatisfied customer is likely to cost you a lot of business – most studies have found that customers not happy with their experience at a business usually will not complain to management. In most cases they will simply not do business with that retailer again and will encourage others not to do business with that retailer as well.


  • Customer surveys and incentive programs have been proven to be less effective. Many customers are simply unwilling to share negative feedback with management or with others. Customers also tend to be biased, whereas professionals involved in mystery shopping exist solely to provide impartial information.


  • Mystery shopping can help identify problems that may be leading to loss of business. It can help identify reasons why customers do not turn into repeat clients and assess other variables that contribute to customer satisfaction and employee performance.


  • Mystery Shopping can help your employees improve their ability to provider better customer service. By measuring each associate, you can develop additional training on the areas they need improvement. Our program can also be used to identify and reward outstanding performance.


  • Mystery Shopping can be used to change or reinforce policy or procedures, as well as reinforce training and standards already in place.


Contact Crossroads Investigations today for a free consultation on how we can develop a customized mystery shopping plan for your business.


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