Where’s My Car?

Where’s My Car? by Marc Hurwitz

A lot of our cases at Crossroads Investigations focus on post-judgment asset recovery.  This is truly an art because, after all, the targets know that their assets are up for seizure, and take extreme measures to keeps their rightful owners at bay.  My job is to ensure that Crossroads is at the cutting edge of information availability so that our clients are assured everything that is possible is being done to recover assets.


This is why I’m so excited to announce our newest capability.  Using highly-restricted sources, we can search the archives of local police departments.  During each patrol car shift, specialized cameras capture photos (which are geolocated) of any car within view of the patrolling vehicle.  Typically, a single shift can result in thousands of captured license Messages Image(1389223002)plates.


Since these cameras have been in action for many years, across the United States, we have had tremendous success in locating assets, find vehicles, and perhaps find the people associated with the missing car.  With the geolocating capabilities, we have also been able to create well-informed assessments of the likely patterns of travel for the vehicles.


This is just another example of why our clients consider Crossroads to be a premiere information-providing agency.

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