The Death of Privacy

The Death of Privacy by Marc Hurwitz

The new film release “Terms and Conditions May Apply’: The Death of Privacy” nicely echoes the American struggle with the flow of personal information to government, businesses, and each other … Consider this: The same person who pays for identity protection services may not hesitate to allow Driver License scanning at their local big box retailer when returning an item, or a grocery store clerk while purchasing a bottle of wine. (Practices which, interestingly, have resulted in numerous security breaches.)

The movie highlights the balance point between over-sharing your personal information and being overly-afraid and living in oblivion. Crossroads Investigations can help you find that balance point by showing you how that information has been used, is being used, and will be used in the future. We can exploit this readily-available information to provide reliable employment reports, employment screening, tenant reports, and asset searches.

Clients have asked us to perform a background investigation on themselves. A businessman approached us because he headed dozens of companies with key deputies, and wanted to know if the appearance of all were clean (indeed, we did find publicly-accessible derogatory information). Another client – someone considering to run for a political office – requested a report on himself.  After reading our report, he decided not to run. And for more innocent reasons: A client was required for his professional association to document every court case, company, and ticket he ever received. He had dozens of companies, involved in dozens of lawsuits, and speeding tickets all over the country. Our report allowed him to compile and prepare explanations for the professional association.

Privacy should concern all of us. So, the next time you wonder why a company is asking for your personal information, consider asking Crossroads Investigations for some insight. Our background investigations, asset searches and Miami-based expertise can provide a greater understanding of what is happening with those “terms and conditions” we agree to in our everyday lives.

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