Surveillance: Somebody’s Watching You

Surveillance: Somebody’s Watching You by Marc Hurwitz

Have you ever had the feeling that someone’s watching you? You look over your shoulder, walk a little faster or duck into a crowd just in case. Oh wait a minute, that’s just your imagination thinking back to the movie you watched last weekend.

Well, if it’s done right, surveillance is something you would never even know is taking place. Surveillance work includes either mobile surveillance, like shadowing or tailing someone, or fixed surveillance, such as a stakeout. The best surveillants blend in as someone you would never suspect of following you. A lot of government and law enforcement agencies do it. As a former CIA officer, I can tell you first-hand that surveillance detection is a key component of surviving in a potentially hostile environment.



We may not be dodging foreign spies, but surveillance is in demand these days with infidelity, debt collection, unemployment, and disability claims on the rise. So, Crossroads Investigations has just added surveillance in Miami to its list of client service offerings.

We have added to our team a former police officer, with nearly a decade of surveillance work. From high-tech gadget use, to tricks of the trade, our team is ready to offer undercover surveillance services for a variety of needs. Who better to use for your surveillance needs than a former CIA officer and cop?

Surveillance is all about watching a subject who might have something to hide, and finding out information about that person. This might be the same person you trust with your home, your money, your children and your life, but for some reason or another, you’ve become suspicious of and fear an untruth is putting you or your loved ones’ safety in jeopardy.

At Crossroads Investigations, we utilize intelligence tradecraft standards to provide surveillance discreetly, timely and in an efficient manner. We take our clients needs and suspicions into account.

We will follow and if necessary videotape targets and their secrets on hidden camera for the following clients or reasons:

  • Insurance Companies – False Insurance Claims
  • Commercial Businesses – Disability Claims or otherwise Disingenuous Employees
  • Attorneys seeking Compensation for a Client
  • Suspicious Spouses and/or their Divorce Attorneys

So the next time you’re feeling suspicious about an employee, a spouse, or seeking compensation for a client, and need surveillance in Fort Lauderdale or Miami, give us a call. What happens in Hollywood is a little far fetched, but your hunches almost always are right. So go with your gut and let us use surveillance to deliver proof of your suspicions and give you piece of mind.

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