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On the Campaign Trail, You Run, We Research!

The time is almost here again – we are approaching a crucial election season. In today’s world, a lot of misinformation and hearsay is spread online and in advertisements, and it can be difficult separating fact from fiction. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn to a team of professional researchers for objective, yet useful information …

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Do Your Homework Before Handing Over Those Keys!

One was a serial squatter. Another was an obsessive man with the capacity to commit murder. While these stories of terrible tenants are the kind that would be aired on a Netflix docuseries such as “Worst Roommate Ever,” it is still important for everyday landlords and property managers to screen potential tenants. An FCRA-compliant background …

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Savvy Social Media Sleuthing

It’s slightly unusual for someone to lack some sort of online presence, whether it’s a Facebook or LinkedIn profile. In our industry, the more present a subject is on social media, the better! We’ve been fortunate to be able to glean intel from social media to assist in our investigations. Some of the unique ways …

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Let Us Handle Your International Investigations

From corporate due diligence to locating someone overseas, Crossroads Investigations has your back. We have a dependable network of investigators in most countries to ensure our clients’ needs are met globally. The important thing to note is that every country has its own guidelines for how specific investigations can be conducted, as well as which …

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Modern-Day Surveillance: It’s Not Just for Cheaters

Crossroads Investigations’ team holds decades of field experience, government experience, and experience gathering objective evidence to support clients in legal proceedings. A common misconception or presumption is that the bulk of surveillance is done for infidelity purposes; however, our team is equipped to carry out quality surveillance for many possible scenarios, including, but not limited …

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It’s a Hot Market, and We’re Here for Your Hiring Needs

Everywhere you look, businesses are hiring. From fast food restaurants to call centers, job opportunities appear to be endless at the moment. In this market, job-hopping is also increasing, as employees are increasingly seeking better opportunities than the opportunities once presented to them. For employers, it is important to ensure you are extending job offers …

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Judging a Jury Pool

The pandemic has changed life as we know it, and we’ve slowly settled into a new normal. Business and court proceedings have adapted to virtual settings, and businesses and courthouses have operated at limited capacity for much of this year. With courthouses filling up again with high stakes jury cases, it is important that prospective …

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Screening Cash Buyers

Home prices are at a high right now, and cash buyers may sound enticing to sellers. They can speed up the closing process and simplify the overall transaction. Yet, it is still important to properly vet these buyers to ensure they are who they say they are and have provided reasonable proof of funds to …

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