Surveillance Essentials

Surveillance is one of the most common services people think of when private investigation comes to mind.  It should come as no surprise that the Crossroads Investigations surveillance team is very busy!   Surveillance is best used when there is a specific place and time where and when you believe the subject may be engaging … Read more

Nothing Spells Romance Like a Background Report

At Crossroads, we believe nothing spells ROMANCE like a comprehensive background check on your special love interest! If something doesn’t quite add up, let us dig for you – the subject will not know and we can turn the report around in under 24 hours. The nationwide report includes arrests, liens, bankruptcies, judgments, foreclosures, evictions, properties, vehicles, businesses and … Read more

Jury Consulting

  Crossroads Investigations has taken a unique spin on jury consulting to provide our legal clients with an efficient and economical approach to vet potential jurors, real-time. Our process includes using three staffers – one with our client in the courtroom, and two supporting from our office. As we learn the jurors names, we instantaneously … Read more

Download Our Social Media Privacy Tip Sheet

  A lot of our investigations include searching social media for clues. But we want our friends to stay safe from snoops like us! That’s why we’ve vastly updated our “Crossroads Investigations Social Media Privacy Tip Sheet” – a 19-page guide to ensuring your privacy settings are set correctly for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. … Read more

How to Hire a Surveillance Investigator

When we tell people what Crossroads does, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is surveillance.  While we offer many other services to our clients like asset searches and deep research, surveillance is indeed one of our primary service offerings. What differentiates Crossroads Investigations? We are not a guy and a car.  We are an … Read more