Savvy Social Media Sleuthing

It’s slightly unusual for someone to lack some sort of online presence, whether it’s a Facebook or LinkedIn profile. In our industry, the more present a subject is on social media, the better! We’ve been fortunate to be able to glean intel from social media to assist in our investigations. Some of the unique ways we have recently used social media information in our cases include the following:

  • Jury Consultation: We used quick social media searches to assist a client with a jury selection, tailored to their specific needs, with hopes of an ideal outcome in their case. Potential members of a jury normally provide basic information about themselves, but more telling information, such as hobbies, opinions on current events, political leanings, and more, can be uncovered through social media investigations.
  • Asset Investigations: We used social media as a supplement to our database findings in order to verify that a subject owned valuable hard assets. This subject posted several photographs of his antique vehicle collection.
  • Surveillance: We kept frequent tabs on a hard-to-locate subject’s social media profiles in order to pinpoint the subject’s location. We identified certain landmarks in selfies, “story” updates, and other photographs that helped us confirm the subject was in a major city.
  • Locates: We were asked to identify heirs in the United States for an individual who had passed away. Our clients did not have much information about the decedent, other than a name and last known address. We identified a possible heir via database research and from there, used social media research to determine that the heir did not reside in the United States anymore.

We are amazed at the amount of information that can be found through a little social media digging. Allow our team to take a look at your case today!

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