It’s a Hot Market, and We’re Here for Your Hiring Needs

Everywhere you look, businesses are hiring. From fast food restaurants to call centers, job opportunities appear to be endless at the moment. In this market, job-hopping is also increasing, as employees are increasingly seeking better opportunities than the opportunities once presented to them.

For employers, it is important to ensure you are extending job offers to top talent with no documented red flags. Crossroads Investigations can assist with our employee background screening service!

Our background screenings can all be ordered online via our screening form. The process is incredibly simple. Once the report is complete, a member of our team analyzes the completed report and provides an easy-to-read breakdown of pertinent information pulled from the applicant’s background check along with a PDF of the full report.

Not only do we screen prospective employees, but we also have the ability to screen potential tenants for landlords. Contact Crossroads Investigations today to see how we can help your business’s needs!

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Our contact info

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