Judging a Jury Pool

The pandemic has changed life as we know it, and we’ve slowly settled into a new normal. Business and court proceedings have adapted to virtual settings, and businesses and courthouses have operated at limited capacity for much of this year.
With courthouses filling up again with high stakes jury cases, it is important that prospective members of a jury are properly vetted in real time. Crossroads’ jury consulting service can alleviate any future concerns counsel may encounter with a member of the jury. A professional from the Crossroads team can sit with counsel and rapidly mine and analyze data from our proprietary databases. Jurors typically provide basic information about themselves, but more telling information, such as hobbies, online presence, criminal history, political leanings, and more, can be uncovered through social media sleuthing and other database investigations.
We can help tip the scales in your favor with our unique method of jury screening and consulting! Contact us today to see how we can round out your team during jury selection.

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