Outsource Your Document Retrievals And Other Research To Us

Have you ever been tasked with obtaining an official record? It can be a major drain of resources and time!
Every jurisdiction has a different process to obtain official or unofficial records, and documents may also be held at different places (clerk of courts office, sheriff’s office, local police department, etc.). Sometimes in-person requests are needed, and other times multiple visits are necessary since a record must be retrieved from archives.
Does this sound daunting? Not to worry, Crossroads Investigations would be happy to take this off your to-do list! In addition to investigations, many of our clients take advantage of Crossroads’ expertise as an outsourced research team
Crossroads’ ability to research and retrieve records can help with: 
  • document retrieval  
  • heir searches 
  • link analysis between individuals and/or entities  
  • reputation research 
  • determining if a company is active (including PPP loans, active activity at physical location) 
The next time you have a challenging research project, give us a call!

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Our contact info

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