Skip the Headache with a Skip Trace

Are debtors dodging you? Having a hard time herding witnesses for your upcoming trial? Or do you simply seek to locate a family member you haven’t heard from in quite some time?

If any of these apply, Crossroads Investigations can help you. We utilize sophisticated methods of tracking down our targets, which is traditionally known in the investigations industry as a “skip trace.”

Our capabilities in locating a subject extend beyond databases on a computer — we are also capable of well-planned, more advanced skip traces. These may include deeper research, sending an investigator out to canvass and interview people at the subject’s last known location, and other tools.

Next time you need help locating somebody, Crossroads Investigations can help you. We are adept at finding the hard to find.

Our contact info

Our contact info

Mailing Address (not a branch address): 1835 NE 185 St., Ste 547, Miami, FL 33179

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