If you have ever wanted access to an online, low-cost system to run background checks on employee, tenant and nanny candidates, then look no further than Crossroads Investigations.


While we do offer a very in-depth national background dossier report, sometimes clients need a more basic and less expensive solution for employee, tenant and nanny screening. Such background reports need to be in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which defines what can be considered when making a decision on a candidate. This is critical because the FCRA allows for the candidate to see the report used to make the decision, and if that report isn’t FCRA-compliant, you are going to have a problem. 


Our system is EASY. Use this form to select the report you want, fill in the candidate’s name, email address, how many counties they’ve lived in during the past seven years and make a payment! 

Our basic report is $75 and includes: Social Security Number Trace, National Criminal, Aliaas Search, Global Search (Interpol, FBI Most Wanted, National Sex Offender and dozens of other Federal Databases), one county criminal search and two federal district searches. 

Additional counties are $20 each. Please ask your candidate how many counties they’ve lived in during the past seven years in order for you to have a comprehensive criminal report. 

Optional add-ons:

Credit: $40

Bankruptcies, Liens & Judgments: $40

Driving Record: $40

Nation-wide Evictions: $25

Employment Verification (immediate past employment only): $150

Please note that New York State charges a premium fee for criminal searches. There is a $125 surcharge for any candidate who has lived in NY during the past seven years. 

A 3% credit card processing fee applies to all charges.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us either via email at info@Xinvestigations.com or via phone at (866) 976-2371.

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Our contact info

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