How To Trace A Phone Number

How To Trace A Phone Number by Marc Hurwitz


Today I’m giving away a free investigator’s trick.  Have you ever wanted to trace a mysterious phone number that called you? Okay, here’s a freebie.

My feelings aren’t hurt that you try to do an investigation on your own before you call me. I actually prefer that – Crossroads Investigations finds the HARD-to-find, not the EASY-to-find.
When you do your own research on a phone number, there’s a very specific way that Google wants to see it to return the best results.  Of course, when Googling fails you, it’s time to call Crossroads!
While using the internet to trace a phone number doesn’t always work, here’s how Google wants you to research a phone number.


“123 456 7890”


No dashes, no hyphens, and no parenthesis – just quotes. If that doesn’t work, call Crossroads Investigations and we’ll use our advanced techniques to get to the bottom of it.



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