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Social Media Privacy

Click for PDF version of below Crossroads Social Media Privacy Settings Tip Sheet

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Crossroads Investigations is proud to offer our complimentary Social Media Privacy Tip Sheet – just click the link above – it’s a step-by-step primer on how to lock down your privacy settings for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


I ask that you share it with anyone you believe may need it.  Especially parents and schools. And I urge you to use it yourself and take a moment to review your own social media privacy settings.


My staff and I at Crossroads Investigations are tasked with a host of projects – everything from asset searches to background reports to surveillance. But our favorite pursuit is due diligence. We excel at leaving no stone unturned in our research, be it for a merger, acquisition, investment or litigation.


All too often, our due diligence research reveals an over-abundance of personal details available on social media. No doubt that in many instances, the users believed their profiles were secure from prying eyes. In many cases, photos of children were publicly available.


And the next time you need any private investigation or due diligence on any person or business nation-wide, or even overseas, please contact us to see how Crossroads may be able to help.
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