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Congratulations on winning your client a judgment!  Now let us help you find the assets.  Many questions can be answered at our FAQ page.

Please fill out below intake form.

Options include (per subject or entity):


Option 1: a la carte – per subject or entity


  • Hard assets – $400 (includes previous/current properties, vehicles, liens, judgments, bankruptcies, foreclosures, evictions, arrests, business affiliations, UCC filings contact information)


  • NO Hit/NO Fee Bank search – $0-2500 depending on how much we find.  This search is per person or business. The fee is based on the total balance of all accounts per SSN/FEIN.

$0 : NO FEE

$1-$1000 Fee: $250

$1001-$2500 Fee: $500

$2501-$5000 Fee: $1000

$5001-$10,000 Fee: $2000

$10,001+ Fee: $2500

(To exclude known bank accounts: $250 flat fee regardless of number of accounts we’re excluding.)

  • Brokerage – $500 no hit, $2000 hit.  One fee regardless of number of accounts.


Option 2 – Complete Asset Search – $3500
  • For one person, all personal AND all associated business bank AND brokerage accounts AND hard assets (personal and business).



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