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Polygraph Services




Polygraph examinations are administered to determine the degree of truthfulness and validity within a person. The polygraph uses a combination of interview questions and various mechanical components to measure one’s physiological responses when specifically structured questions are asked. The exam can be conducted as a vital step in pre-employment screenings, theft and fraud investigations, as well as infidelity cases to reveal facts.


Pre-Employment Screenings

A pre-employment polygraph examination interview is conducted prior to the exam itself to review the examinee’s full employment, financial, crime and drug background in addition to any other outside issues pertinent to passing the exam truthfully. From law enforcement sectors, to high end sales markets and banks, to child care, pre-employment screening is a major tool in the employment process to ensure the best candidates are trustworthy, honest, and suitable for hire.


Theft/Fraud Investigations

Investigative polygraph examinations can be conducted to illuminate details, accounts, stories, and possible confessions from an examinee. This type of exam focuses on theft from their person, property, or employer or any other fraudulent activity.


Infidelity Issues

A polygraph may be administered to clarify fidelity issues or concerns within a marriage or relationship. This type of test allows both the examinee and their partner to explore any major concerns. Ultimately, the polygraph will elicit specific truths regarding any possible issues within the partnership. (Note: Infidelity testing will not be administered with an examinee’s partner present).



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