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International Consulting


International Consulting

and Due Diligence


One of our core capabilities is to conduct corporate due diligence worldwide. Our analytical team, comprised of former CIA officers, has a global network of sources that can provide insights not available any other way, in practically any country overseas.

Our clients use our economic intelligence products for several purposes:

  • International Litigation Support
  • International Asset Searches (including bank accounts)
  • Pre-merger/acquisition/investment risk assessment

Some recent examples of our projects include:

  • Reviewed the legitimacy of a mine company in Ecuador, to include an examination of the key officers. We looked at civil and criminal records and asked our sources for anecdotal discussion of possible links to drug or human smuggling cartels. 
  • Checked the recent activities of a commodity trading company in Chile, to include background checks of the principals. As part of our study, we tasked a source to go to the facility to take pictures to prove legitimacy.  
  • Reviewed the corporate registration papers of a company based in Hong Kong.
  • Acquired and analyzed corporate registration papers for a shell company based in Gibraltar.  

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