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Crossroads Investigations is excited to team up with DeleteMe to offer our clients a 20% discount. Use the code Xinvestigations to obtain the discount! Click here to sign up (and use the code in your order summary)! 


Hundreds of companies collect and sell your private data online. DeleteMe removes it for you.

Our privacy advisors:
  • Continuously find and remove your sensitive data online
  • Stop companies from selling your data – all year long
  • Have removed 35M+ records of personal data from the open web


   Past Address
   Social Media
   Marital Status
   Property Value
Data brokers are corporations that collect huge amounts of personally identifiable information (PII) and package it all together to create ‘profiles’ or ‘listings’ with your personal information. These profiles includes things like Social Security numbers, birthdays, past and recent addresses, and more.
Data brokers crawl the web searching for information, and use it to build a profile of you. They find this from government and other public records, self-reported information, social media, and other data brokers.
Once you’ve completed your sign-up for DeleteMe, we’ll send you a welcome email so you can get started right away. You’ll log in and find your DeleteMe personal profile page. You tell us exactly what information you want deleted, and our privacy experts take it from there.
We cannot delete Google search results themselves without first removing the source information that the search result is pulling the information from, the data broker websites. Google is not the source of the search results its showing you; it’s merely displaying your information from the most relevant sources, based on your Google search query letting your information be found more easily. Google does not have the file containing your personal information, nor can it delete the file.

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Crossroads Investigations is a private detective agency operated by a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer, and is a leading firm in South Florida offering specialized investigative services, to include asset searches, background checks and surveillance.

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Mailing Address (not a branch address): 1835 NE 185 St., Ste 547, Miami, FL 33179